Wookets Wove

The Wove is a professional-personal website regarding the design and development of web applications.
It includes rants and raves about patterns, architecture, infrastructure, trends, and other binary star systems.

Furry critter alert: The Wove does not attempt to accommodate every kitty cat. Just the ones that meow for food.


The Wove has eaten many cookies, cleared many caches, and ran many a reformats.

For Wookets are feral wild creatures fearful of hairless beasts. You know, the ones that don't eat cookies.

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I always find it helpful when fellow creatures share their list of dev tools.

  • Chrome for Browsing
  • Coda 2 for Code
  • Node for HTTP
  • Mongo for DB
  • Heroku for Host
  • Tower for Git
  • Codekit for Awesome
  • Scrivener for Writes

What Else?

Outside of development I watch, listen, read, write, play, coach and try to be nice to fellow lifeforms passing through the woodlands.

  • Give Effort
  • Take Attitude
  • Hold Nice

of Java

It was just too much backage for me... Sorry.

of Node

Everything is just really easy and simple.

of Else

Nothing wrong with the rest, but I like to catch forming waves.


  • Hold this dear
  • Hold back fear
  • Shop at sear... boo-me


  • Your design
  • Your code
  • Your life


Complex is so passe.


Like in easy...

Or am I supposed to be talking about you?


There is always chatter across the wire

A few taps to interpret

Put your ear to the rail

And hear the giants sing


It separates us from the other animals

The mating sirens on the wild seas

To always destory and rebuild

And then we will always see


I have not any dab of glue

No wall to paint on

Except the belly of your mind

Be clear be care